YouTube SEO mini course (Get more views) in Arabic

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This course will help you Provides your views AndGrow your channel Using some YouTube SEO strategies.

All that is required of you is to have a YouTube channel with videos and content that provide your views.


Do you have a YouTube channel, but you suffer from a lack of views?

I feel like you, because one day I was in your place ..

The first time I started my YouTube trip, I was thinking that the topic is simple (I will make the video and post it on the social media websites)

Indeed, I was doing that, I was a precursor in every platform, especially Facebook, and I was posting on the page and the groups that I have subscribed to, and the views were very few!

The method was very stressful, because it required daily effort, and even if one day I made a bad share of the videos, I wouldn’t have my views, which is basically a little cold …

At that time I was relieved to give up and give up ..

Somewhat on the day I read about (YouTube SEOThe term was strange to me at first.

But what excited me that I was learning it more,

It is that I knew that through it I can get great views and my biggest channel, without tiring myself to post on social media every time

Indeed, I started reading more and applying and taking experience and learning from the best people in this field

As far as I understood the topic and my observations began to increase very much, my channel grew up in a short time and still, and I also knew many secrets and strategies of its work, whether on my channel or on the channels of clients I have and always have good results thanks to God.


The important thing is that you made a free miniature course with your explanation

Some of the strategies by which you can increase the number of your viewership on your current videos without actually making new ones!

You will also know what is the correct way to make your new videos to grow your channel too without ads or overwork on the various social media sites.

The course is very useful for all people who already have a channel and have videos.

Apply the following steps in the course and see the difference yourself.

Instructors: Ahmed Sysy

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