WordPress for Creatives, Architects and Interior Designers.

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WordPress for Architects, Interior Designers and Creatives

Make your own WordPress website to expose your projects. From 0 to Expert.

Instructors: Architect Álvaro García, Architect Lucía Fernández.

Updated Content: August 2020

Have you googled your name? It is very likely that your clients have done it and have seen if you have a website and what services you offer, Nowadays it is essential that our online image expresses well our work and our designs. Professionals can considerably increase our sales if we have an effective website, At the end of this course you will have your own Web Portfolio page. By giving customers the ability to order or request products or services online, the experience is made much easier and more accessible. Your services and visibility will be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and distances will no longer be an obstacle.

WordPress is a content management system launched on May 27, 2003, focused on creating any type of web page. Originally it reached a great popularity in the creation of blogs, to later become one of the main tools for the creation of commercial web pages.

You will learn WordPress and create your own Web Portfolio, one of the fundamental tools of presentation of the decorator, interior designer and architect, in the course the guidelines will be given, step by step, fundamental to make your own website where you present yourself professionally.

In this course you will learn to create your website where you will be positioned as a creative professional and you will be able to show your projects and services to the world, increasing your chances of getting new clients and employability. This website will meet the demands of usability, navigability, speed, security, responsive optimization, current design, seo, calltoaction, etc.

The main pages of this website will be:

  1. home (by way of landingpage where the most relevant about the creative is described).

  2. About me / About us (if you are a small studio).

  3. Services (You show a letter of services offered by the creative, it is the page with the most text).

  4. Projects organized by categories (it will be the portfolio, a very careful gallery where to show the projects).

  5. Blog (where you can upload your day-to-day, news, news, link to networks, etc)

  6. Contact (includes contact details and contact form).

  7. Complementary pages. Legal Notice, Cookies Policy, etc.

Destined to:

They are mainly freelancers who have a very visual portfolio of work, composed mainly of images, diagrams, plans, even videos of their designs. So the text will not have as much importance in your web portfolio. The most important things on these websites are aesthetic appeal, care in composition, color, network, typography, usability and web navigability. Creative, Freelance, Designers, Decorators, Interior Designers, Architects, Landscapers, Urbanists

Training Index:

Module 1. Introduction and Previous Settings

  • Course start and presentation

  • What is and what is WordPress org for Advantages of the CMS

  • How to buy a domain and hire a hosting

  • How to download and install WordPress

  • First WordPress configurations and their setup

  • Where to buy Themes. Themeforest, ElegantTehemes, Studiopress, etc.

  • Installation and Activation of theme

  • Very quick review of the sections of the dashboard.

Module 2. Creation of the Web Portfolio

  • We start by importing demo content from theme.

  • We select the pages that we are going to use on our website and eliminate the ones we do not want from the demo.

  • Web hierarchy. Creation of the main menu. The importance of web navigability.

  • Customize WordPress and Theme (corporate color, typography, etc.)

  • Creation of pages (Home, About me, Services, Projects, Blog, Contact)

  • Media, compatible formats and optimization prior to uploading images.

  • The Home page. Editing and configuration.

  • The About Me page. Editing and configuration.

  • The Services page. Editing and configuration.

  • The Projects page. Editing and configuration.

  • The Blog page. Editing and configuration.

  • The Contact page. Editing and configuration.

  • Special pages: Cookies, Policies, Legal Notice.

  • Create a post.

  • The widgets. Editing and configuration.

  • He footer. Editing and configuration.

Module 3. Final Adjustments and Launch

  • Final adjustments before launch.

  • SEO tips (Yoast), Speed ​​(Autoptimize), BackUp (Updrafplus), Images (Smush) and Security (Wordfence)

  • Final tips and advice from the instructor

  • Exit from maintenance mode and Web Publishing.

Didactic Methodology:

You can choose to view all lessons sequentially (linear) and make the most of your training. But you can also decide to view this course as a reference guide. Classes are clearly organized into logical sections and you can decide to view only the classes that are most important to you according to your training needs. With the exception of the PRO lessons, most of the lessons are self-contained so you can understand the concepts in each lesson without having to look at the previous lessons in the course.

The increase in the demand for professionals in this field by companies around the world today is exceptional. To develop the proposed training program, great previous knowledge is not required, since the training is undertaken from a user level 0. The course is aimed at those creatives who want to expand their skills and learn multiple tips, tricks, resources and recommendations, from the hand of instructor Álvaro García. In addition, all Udemy trainings have automatic access to the course, without time limitation, availability 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), without expiration and with a money-back guarantee.

The modality of this course allows you to start and finish whenever you want, setting the pace of the class according to your availability. You can re-visualize what interests you, skip the content you already master, ask questions, resolve doubts, share your projects …

Remember that this training includes video lessons fullHD with studio audio (compatible with TV, PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone), educational articles, activities, step-by-step projects, means downloadable links of interest lifetime access, certificate completion, tutoring online, and an exclusive learning community We help each other by contributing our experiences in the course’s communication forum.

What are you waiting for? This course is ideal for you, dare to become an expert and express your ideas and designs in the way you have always wanted. Go ahead, see you inside the formation 😉

Instructors: Lucía Fernández

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