Unix Solaris High Availability Cluster for system admin

Cluster of Solaris

Oracle Solaris Cluster, also known as Sun Cluster or SunCluster, is a high-availability cluster software product for the Solaris operating system. It was made by Sun Microsystems, which was bought by Oracle Corporation in 2010. To make software services like databases, file sharing on a network and e-commerce sites run more quickly. Sun Cluster works by having a lot of different computers, or “nodes,” that can keep working even if one of them breaks down. It doesn’t matter if the nodes are in the same data center or across the world.


Solaris Cluster has services that work even if some of the nodes or parts of the cluster don’t work. The Solaris Cluster has two types of HA services: failover services and services that can be scaled.

Solaris Cluster is an example of software that runs at the kernel level. People who use it run some normal system processes on the systems it runs on. It has some access to the operating system or kernel functions of the host systems.

Solaris Cluster’s source code was made available by Sun in June 2007. Sun did this through the OpenSolaris HA Clusters group.

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