Total Investment: Stock Market, Options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and More

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You have no idea how to start investing in financial instruments or you find yourself frustrated, because investing only loses money.

Let me tell you that this is how I started, during the mortgage crisis, without knowledge, investing based on hunches and constantly losing money, until I decided to educate myself financially and my results and earnings changed substantially.

In this course I teach you to invest in financial instruments through a margin of safety that allows you to take advantage of your investments. You will know how to invest in stocks applying a margin of safety, the best investment funds and which to choose, the Forex market, Binary Options and operating strategies. Diversify your investments in Cryptocurrencies and Crowdfunding to make your portfolio profitable.

  • Invest in the stock market using Technical and Fundamental analysis

  • Investment funds how do they work? which ones are the best?

  • Forex Market How do you trade?

  • Binary Options How to generate profits in this market?

  • Invest in cryptocurrencies

  • Diversify your investments Through Crowdfunding (Personal loans, Property investment, Buy franchises)

At the end of this course you will be able to open an account online and start trading in any of the financial instruments of your choice, applying a margin of safety to your investments.

A course for anyone who wants to start investing and does not know where to start

Instructors: Miguel Angel Carballal Sanjurjo

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