The Complete Course in Comparing English Tenses

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This is a grammar course on English tenses. It helps you to master English tenses and avoid confusion caused by similarity between tenses by comparing them. This helps you to improve listening and speaking skills and to speak more fluently.

The difficulty of understanding and using English tenses relates to the similarity between most of tenses. For example, four English tenses are “continuous” and these four continuous tenses have similar uses as all of them express “continuity”. The same problem of similarity and confusion is found between the four “perfect” tenses as all of them join a certain time to time earlier than it. Similarity and confusion are found also between the four “simple” tenses.

This course is designed to help you overcome the difficulty and confusion caused by these similarities by comparing all English tenses precisely and in detail.

Every tense is explained in two lessons compared to/with two other similar tenses. For example, the present simple is explained in two lessons: the first lesson is [The present Simple versus The Present Continuous] and the second lesson is [The Present Simple versus The Present Perfect].

In each lesson, formation, timing, and uses of two tenses are compared.  Very similar examples are given to show the slight differences between tenses. All examples are illustrated by perfect animated line times to put you in the real situation.

At the end of each lesson and after the videos that compare the two tenses, there is an assignment that tests your understanding of the videos and gives you a summary of the lesson. After the assignment, there are at least three videos of three different answered exercises to show you how to think in a grammatical way. These exercises cover all the details in the lesson. Finally, there is a quiz for you to answer.

At the end of the course, there is a practice test on all the course lessons to check your understanding.

This is the special course on English tenses that most of students and teachers are looking for. Don’t miss it.

Instructors: Abbas Shokr

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