SQL SERVER Jobs and Alerts. Automation for DEVs and DBA.

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Automate everything you need in SQL Server using the SQL Server Agent.

Configure Jobs to run:

  • T-SQL commands;

  • Stored Procedures;

  • Power Shell Scritps;

  • Operating system commands, executable files and batch files;

  • Package made in Integration Services

Run Jobs when:

  • An agenda is triggered;

  • An alert is triggered;

  • CPU idle occurs;

  • When the SQL Server Agent service is restarted;

  • When a manual override occurs.

Configure Alerts to fire when:

  • An error event in the SQL Server Log;

  • A value change in Performance Counters (Perfmon)

  • An event detected by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI);

SQL SERVER Agent is a service that comes with the installation of SQL Server 2017 and fully administered by the SQL Server Management Studio tool.

This service allows the automation of database business rules for your applications and system as well as allowing the DBA or Developer to automate your database administration and development activities.

See what we can do with SQL Server Agent, with automation, alerts and email sending:

  1. Create routines to create backups of databases;

  2. Organization processes and creation of indexes in tables;

  3. Monitor data growth in tables and banks;

  4. Perform data cleaning;

  5. Check consistency of tables and database;

  6. Monitor growth of data data files and bank log files;

  7. Run business processes like:

    1. Accounting closing;

    2. Generate daily sales reports;

    3. Stock consolidation;

    4. Sending an XML, JSON or TXT file;

    5. Monitor the receipt of files;

    6. Data transfer between banks, servers and companies.

You still have processes that allow you to send emails to different SMTP accounts. E-mails can be sent when:

  1. A process or routine fails to execute when it has been successfully completed.

  2. An alert was triggered, executing an activity and sending an email.

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