spring Framework for Beginners with Spring Boot

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Spring 5 is a functional web framework for back-end development and is quite famous among Java developers when it comes to designing an enterprise-based application.

It consists of lots of modules and projects which makes it very huge.

The Spring Framework and Spring Boot enable developers to create high-performing, reusable, easily testable, and loose coupling enterprise Java applications.
It can be used to develop any Java application.

Knowledge of Spring framework has a huge demand in the enterprise market and Spring frameworks developers are paid handsomely.
Having Spring Framework on your resume will highlight you amongst other Java developer.

This course offers hands-on experience building Spring Framework applications using Spring Boot.
This course will be interactive and fun as I will code all the projects from scratch.
By taking this course you will have the latest skills that you need to build real applications using the Spring Framework.

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic Java knowledge is required

  • Basic Knowledge of Servlet, JSP, and HTML is helpful

  • Knowledge of SQL and databases is helpful

Learn these super trending topics in Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring Core – IoC

  • Spring MVC

  • Spring AOP

  • Spring Data JPA

  • Spring REST

  • Spring Security

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for all Java developers: beginners to advanced who want to master Spring framework modules with Spring Boot

  • This learning path is for developers who wish to create their own web applications with Spring 5

  • This course is ideal for developers who wish to use the Spring Frameworks for enterprise application development

Instructors: Navin Reddy

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