Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems

Are you ready to move up in your job?

Yes. Do you want to learn about how to build software systems and how to design them?

You’re in the right place!

During this hands-on course, you will learn how to design real-world systems that can handle millions of users each day, as well as process and store petabytes of data.

People who have System Design Interviews can also use this place to get ready and build up their confidence.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Identifying the technical requirements of the systems without leaving out any important information.
  • Creating APIs that are easy to use and strong
  • Applying the most up-to-date architectural building blocks and techniques for high scalability, availability, and performance
  • Following well-known software architecture patterns and best practices
  • Creating systems that can handle a lot of traffic on the internet and process a lot of big data

When you finish this class, you will be able to take on a complex and vague requirement and work through all the stages of a system design, all the way to its final Software Architecture.

Even though this class doesn’t require you to write any code, it is very practical and will give you the skills you need to build real-world systems.

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They use all of the techniques and patterns that you learn in this class.

Besides the videos, you will also find a lot of other things.

  • There are a lot of resources that deal with the topics in the class.
  • Quizzes that will let you check your progress and go over the course material will help you.
  • External links to relevant articles and videos will help you learn more.

If: You want to learn how to:

  • Want to learn about Software Architecture, which isn’t usually taught in schools or coding boot camps
  • It is your goal to become a senior member of the technical staff, like a Senior or Principal Software Engineer or Technical Lead.
  • The interview is coming up, and you want to improve your chances of getting hired and standing out from the other candidates.

It’s time for you to do something.

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