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!! Congratulations!! If you are on this page it is because you are considering learning more about the SAP system. You may even be considering changing jobs to stop being just a user and become a consultant with all the benefits and challenges that this implies and although it may seem like a huge challenge we have created this course with the greatest possible dedication so that your learning be optimal.

You have always been struck by the knowledge of the SAP system but you had not been given the opportunity by the high costs or the lack of weather to go to the places where the courses are given.

Receive information that will convince you in an instant to take the course and turn your life around, just contact us.

You are interested in knowing what SAP is and understanding why people who know how to use it are getting all the vacancies in the best companies and the highest salary increases.

In SAPñ We are committed to helping you and we continually release courses so that our students learn all that is most relevant to this system and can grow in their jobs, always obtaining better positions.

In our courses, unlike others you can find on the platform, we will always explain a concept and demonstrate it in a way practice in the system. What’s more, if we teach concepts of setting We will also immediately review the effects that these changes have on user transactions.

Register now and get access to classes so you can learn your rhythm, in the Schedule that suit you best and without losing weather for having to go to any classroom.

The module SAP SD It is widely considered one of the most important in the system so it is clear the importance of you deciding to learn more about it and thus improve your job opportunities.

The course has a focus totally practical so you will fully learn how to perform the tasks of the financial module that is essential in all companies that have acquired the system.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to have previous experience in any subject, much less technical knowledge, all the concepts will be reviewed from scratch. This course is designed for anyone and is entirely in Spanish. So there is no excuse left, start learning with us!

Instructors: Sap Entuidioma

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