Routine Mastery

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The Scientific Way to Boost and Enhance Productivity

In this course, you will learn how to develop a routine. This routine will directly impact the health and productivity of your life, putting you directly on track to reach your physical and professional goals

This course focuses on creating Morning, Afternoon, and Evening routines


  • Make Daily Progress Towards Physical Health

  • Achieve Deep and More Restful Sleep

  • Conquer your Professional and Financial Goals

  • Feel More Accomplished Every Day

  • Have More Structure in Your Life

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    This course doesn’t beat around the bush. It tells you exactly what to do, without wasting your time.

There Are Three Main Parts of This Course

1. Creating Custom Habits to Optimize Your Routine Using Your Specific Goals

2. Essential Elements of the Perfect Customized Routine

3. Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

By Implementing Your Custom Routine, You Will Be

  • Physically Healthier

  • Socially and Personally Happier

  • Feel Confident in Reaching Your Professional Potential

I use advance coaching concepts, cutting edge sleep and wellness research, and expert tips to help you maximize the potential of each and every day. By implementing these strategies, you will accomplish better quality work on a daily basis and make consistent progress towards your goals.

These custom routine strategies are excellent if you want to lose weight, get stronger, learn a language, learn a complex skill, improve your career, or make more money.

Here is what you will learn in the course

  1. Introduction
    -The Importance of Routines

    -How They are So Effective

  2. Goal Setting

    -Ultimate Goal

    -Physical Goal

    -Personal Goal

    -Professional Goal

  3. Instructions
    -Morning Routine

    -Afternoon Routine

    -Evening Routine

  4. Filling Out Your Routine
    -Customize Your Routine

    -How to Make Adjustments

    -Bonus Tips for Guaranteed Success

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Instructors: Gam Sassoon

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