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Welcome to the World’s First Udemy Course on Watercolor Painting in Hindi/Urdu!

We all have an artist inside of us, hidden somewhere. We all want to create that spectacular masterpiece and show it off to everyone or create something extraordinary and make ourselves proud! It’s all possible. You have to give your inner artist a chance, bring it alive, and do wonders.

What Will Be Covered in This Course?

This course will bring out the watercolor artist in you by teaching you the basic watercolor techniques and implementing them. By learning the fundamental concepts of watercolor, you will create a realistic watercolor painting of any object.

Since this is a practical approach to learning watercolor, I will demonstrate by making 14 different paintings of everyday objects and animals step by step. You will have to follow along with me as I paint to grasp and develop your painting skills truly.

Why Should You Learn Watercolor Painting?

Art is not just about having fun and enjoying a hobby. Multiple studies show that creating artworks helps with the development of:

  • motor skills

  • language skills

  • social skills

  • decision-making skills

  • problem-solving skills

  • critical thinking skills

A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who regularly participate in any form of art are four times more likely to be:

  • recognized for academic achievements

  • participate in a math and science fair

  • win an award for writing an essay or poem

A study of Missouri Public Schools found that greater arts education led to:

  • fewer breach of discipline

  • higher attendance rates

  • higher graduation rates

  • better test scores

Though watercolor may be a challenging medium to master, it is one of the most accessible mediums to explore art. Through practice and learning the right techniques, you will get really good at it. You will really start enjoying creating such a beautiful work of art. The feeling you get when you share your incredible artworks with your friends and family is truly unique! You will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I am looking forward to having you as my student in this course, and I am sure you will enjoy learning from it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Instructors: Aruna Khemka

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