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Did you ever leave a presentation with glazed eyes, buried under an avalance of information? Did you ever struggle to pinpoint what part of a slide the speaker was talking about? Did you ever struggle to understand what the take-home message of a presentation was because there was just too much information?

Are you now in a situation where you have to present complex, data-heavy subjects and would like to avoid inflicting the same on your audience?

Would you like to transfer knowledge to your audience in a way that will be remembered?

Then this course is for you.

This brief workshop will illustrate

  • how to keep your presentation focused

  • how to structure the information in your presentation to make it memorable

  • how to adapt your visuals to make the presentation more dynamic, clear and engaging.

It is an online adaptation of a workshop I’ve held live. Here’s some feedback for the live workshop:

“I was impressed to see how Oliver could take any unfriendly looking set of data and transform it into an engaging, memorable, easy to understand presentation. He brings together competencies in data analysis, information processing and effective communication. If you have a lot of information that you want to communicate effectively or train people to develop these skills then I would highly recommend Oliver as a consultant and trainer.”

T. T., International Coach and Management Consultant

“I attended Oliver’s workshop called “There’s No Such Thing as a Dry Subject”. I work as a coach and a trainer so I must admit that I already knew a lot of things about presentations and how to engage an audience BUT Oliver totally surprised me! He delivered such a valuable content about how complex topics can inspire rather than overwhelm the audience. I found his tips so useful in my job and I’ve definitely seen the results! Thank you so much Oliver for your clarity, competence and well balanced irony!”

E.F., Coach

Instructors: Oliver Hauss

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