Professional Web Design Practical Course: HTML, LESS, FlexBox

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Course Completely Updated to 2020!

Do you want to learn web design but don’t know where to start?

Welcome to the definitive course to create a professional website with current trends in web design and development.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to create a completely professional and functional page from scratch.

Learn everything you need about HTML5 and CSS3 with this course.

I will teach you how to structure and manage your workflow to be more efficient working. In this way I have chosen to teach you in this course the most used techniques and the most effective when programming that you can find in any company or professional environment that is dedicated to it.

I will teach you to use LESS, a code compiler of CSS3 that will make it easier for you to style your page and it will be very useful for the professional world, since it is the compiler of CSS3 most used by companies.

You’ll learn FLEXBOX a way of structuring and ordering your elements that will help you to assemble any structure / web design that you want. FLEXBOX it is the most optimal way of working for web development.

Domain of Position Absolute, another of the most effective ways to position elements on a web page. We will use FLEXBOX and absolute to fully handle any element of HTML.

Design any web page with Adobe XD. With this program we will learn to design the web we want and we will learn to make it come true by passing all this to code.

We will make the website Responsive (compatible with mobile, tablet, etc.) to adapt to the needs of today’s public.

You can learn all this and much more with this complete and 100% practical course that I offer you to develop a professional website.

Instructors: Alex Salas

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