PMP Exam Prep 2020: 500+ Questions based on Real PMP Exam

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This course contains five mock exams with a total of 500 questions each – designed in such a way to help you achieve your PMP certification in the 1st attempt itself. We have prepared this course by collaborating with our students who have attempted the real PMP Exam.

The course tests your preparation in all the 10 knowledge areas across the 5 Process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing.

These exams are timed to train you to solve the exam on the specified time and to test your speed in clearing exam questions.

The pass score for each test is 80%, to obtain the maximum benefit from the tests, we advise you to retake them until you get 80% or above, so as to be able to pinpoint the gaps in your knowledge and increase your probability to pass the real exam.

The approach that you should follow to reinforce your learning & improve on your OFIs (opportunity for improvement):

1. Prepare a document that captures all the questions in which you were unable to get a correct answer. Do capture the knowledge area, process group & the topic.

2. Keep making a list of your OFIs for all the practice tests – read through the explanations for each question properly.

3. At the end have a glance at this document to find the topics / areas in which you really need to work hard. We have found this practice of taking note of the OFIs to have helped each individual.

How is our Practice Test different from the rest?

Just 3 reasons:

1.) We know the psychological hindrance in attempting 200 questions in 4 hour duration in the 1st go. So we designed this practice test in the staircase model of 50-50-100-100-200 so that our students gradually overcome this barrier.

2.) Each of the explanations in the question is not just an answer to that specific question but rather a conceptual detailing to help our students understand the topic in general.

3.) The practice tests have been reviewed and confirmed by several of our students who have attempted & cleared the real PMP Exam – so we bet & assure that this is the format & the type you are going to encounter in the real PMP exam as well.

Most important topics / tips to cover for the exam include:

a.) Change Management Process

b.) The knowledge about the 33 Project Documents

c.) Unique tools & techniques used in each of the 49 Processes

d.) Scenario based questions specifically asking “What should the Project Manager do next?”

e.) Difference between Conduct Procurement & Close Project Process – a common question in the exam

f.) Purpose & work expected from the Project Manager in Stakeholder Management vs Communication Management.

g.) Difference between various Procurement Documents

h.) What are the documents / outputs that make up the various baselines – Scope, Schedule & Cost?

…and much more that the practice exam is based upon.

Plus our team would help you on your queries. Feel free to post them in the Q&A section.

All questions are property of Team Upstairs, it is not allowed to modify, reproduce or publish them by any manner without her permission.

Instructors: Team Upstairs

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