Personal Branding Formula: Your Content Strategy [in 60 min]

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[This course is a combination of Concepts + Practical Exercise.]

Phase – I: Understanding the Concepts

‘Attention’ is the currency of the internet today. Every Brand is working towards gathering attention of their prospective and existing customers.

The online world has become a noisy place. There is a lot of content posted online each day.

This course will help you create your Personal Branding Formula. We will use logic to come up with content ideas.

The strategy that you will learn will cause unlimited Content Ideas – valuable for the market.

Phase – II: Creating Your Personal Clarity

Before we build content, you will understand ‘How to get Personal Clarity before You build Your Influence.

This course will help you project yourself as an Expert in what you do. We will go deep in the 3 P’s of Positioning Yourself in the Digital World.

As a part of practical exercise, you will learn a smart way to do a Market Research. Our technique will help us validate the ‘need’ [demand] of the content you are planning to create. Multi channel skimming will help us find a Hungry Market in your field.

Phase – III: Building Your Influence [Online]

The next step will help you discover 5 ways to Create Your Digital Influence. We will create a logical step-by-step unique Personal Branding Campaign to build and nurture your community.

Inspiration is a key ingredient of Success. To keep you inspired, we will reinforce the ‘Wining the Mindset Game’

Finally, this course will help you find and practice the Success Habits.

Your success will be in direct proportion to Your Desire and actions to create a Personal Brand.

This course is ideal for

  1. Small Business Owners

  2. YouTubers/ Content Creators

  3. Content Marketers

  4. Teachers and Professors

  5. Trainers, Coaches & Mentors

  6. Marketing Managers

  7. Digital Marketers

  8. A person who wants to Create their Personal Brand

Instructors: Mohsin Syed

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