Oracle Linux 7.6 Virtualization

Oracle Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Oracle (operating system)

Oracle Linux is a Linux distribution that Oracle has packaged and freely distributed since late 2006. In part, it is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which may be found here. It is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, although it has the Oracle branding rather than the Red Hat branding.

Downloadable for free through Oracle’s E-delivery service (Oracle Software Delivery Cloud) or from a number of mirror sites, Oracle Linux can be deployed and distributed without incurring any further costs.

The Oracle Linux Support program seeks to provide commercial, technical support for Oracle Linux as well as existing RHEL or CentOS installations that are not certified by the former (i.e., without re-installation or re-boot). Oracle Linux had over 15,000 users registered to their maintenance program as of 2016.

Concerning the Course

This course is for any Oracle developer who wants to install Oracle software on a Linux system. I’ve gone over not only how to install Oracle software, but also how to explain and illustrate everything. We’ll go over how to install Oracle Linux 7.6, Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, Oracle Database 19c, Oracle JDeveloper 12c, Oracle SQL Developer 21, and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 21 in this course. Each section has been organized in a logical order to make things easy to understand. I’ve also included a zip file with all of the scripts and commands we used throughout the course.

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