On Page SEO Tactics for WordPress Bloggers

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If you want to increase search engine traffic to your blog, then this short course is for you.

This short course shows you the practical things I did to improve and increase organic traffic to my blog in 3 months.

The basic fact is this: When you do the right things, Google and other search engines will give your blog and website the proper recognition that it deserves.

This simple-to-understand and implement course takes you by the hand and shows you what a fellow blogger did to achieve 1st-page rankings on Google for some keywords.  The lectures are delivered in simple language with verifiable proofs shown throughout the course.

You will be learning the following and more in this course:

  • The difference between the long tail and short tail keywords

  • How to increase organic traffic to blogs and websites

  • How to increase crawl rate by Search Engines

  • How to increase click-through rate of blogs and websites in search results

  • How to write SEO compatible blog articles

  • How to local search results of blogs

  • How to carry out basic keywords research at no cost

  • How to increase brand awareness as a blogger

  • How to reduce the cost of marketing a blog

  • How to rank higher in search engines rankings

I want you to register for this short course today to learn how to increase search engine traffic to your blog and income for your blog. let us meet in the classroom.

Instructors: Sesan Oguntade

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