MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Complete Prep

This course is all you need to prepare for the MS-500 exam. In addition to hands-on labs,

Cloud computing is a great way to make money. Most businesses are using or looking into how to use cloud technology in their businesses. One big thing is making sure all cloud workloads and services are safe.

Keep up with the group. Get certified as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator to stay ahead of the game. You’ll be ready for the chance to move up in your job.

All of the video lectures will cover all of the topics on the MS-500 exam and show how to do each one.

The course also talks about the most recent changes and updates to the MS-500 exam that Microsoft has made.

  • In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the exam and how to use all of the security services and tools in Microsoft 365 like a pro.
  • Review questions are at the end of each section (quiz) so you can see how well you remember the things you learned in that section.
  • When you aren’t watching the videos, you can practice on your own. You will have step-by-step instructions for each lab, as well as for instructions for setting up your lab environment and setting up the resources you need for the labs.
  • Links to official Microsoft resources, blogs, and videos are available for each lesson on each subject.

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