Mocks and Stubs: Test Doubles with Mockito

Mocks are special objects that can be used to test things that aren’t real. Mocks help you write Unit Tests for complex, interconnected parts, modules, and services. They make it easier to write Unit Tests for them.

Using test doubles, like mocks and stubs, to test complex services is what this course is all about. You will learn everything you need in an easy-to-follow way. There are videos and hands-on exercises in the course that show you where to go and help you learn on your own.

The course goes over a lot of different things, like what are test doubles, mocks, stubs, the mockito library, and how to test errors with mocks.

If you work for a big company, you can use these tools and techniques to test production-quality apps with over a million lines of code.

If you know a little about Mocks and Stubs:

There may still be value in this course even if you know a little about mocks and stubs. Do the exercises, and then watch the videos to see if they work. If you haven’t seen the last video, don’t forget to.

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