Machine Learning use in React Native, The Practical Guide

Welcome to The Practical Guide to Machine Learning in React Native.

This is the most thorough course on React Native ML models accessible online, and it covers all the key principles.

Using ML models in React Native and training them does not necessitate any prior knowledge of machine learning or computer vision.

Learning how to employ sophisticated ML models in your React Native (Android and iOS) applications will begin with this short example course. This course will teach you how to use Tensorflow light models, both simple and advanced, in your React Native(Android & IOS) apps.

Who should take this course:

  • An inexperienced React Native developer who has no prior experience developing mobile apps with React Native
  • A React Native intermediate developer set out to create a powerful machine learning app.
  • Many React Native developers sought to include machine learning models into their apps.
  • React Native app developers who have already taken a basic React Native course.
  • Anyone who is familiar with Expo and React Native app development.
  • A React Native app developer who is not exposed to the platform’s APIs (CLI).

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