Linux Man Page Masterclass

In this course on man pages, you’ll learn about the built-in help and documentation system on Mac, Unix, and Linux-based operating systems. You’ll also learn about how to use man pages.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to:

Then, after taking this course, you won’t have to look up how to use commands again. You’ll be able to find the right command, figure out which options to use, and know what the command will do before you run it. You’ll also be able to do this without having to go through search results or random forum posts that say different things. Finally, you’ll be able to use the command line on your own.

The parts of a course

There are some very important things you will learn at the start of this course. For example, you will learn how to navigate individual man pages and how to navigate the whole man page system.

From there, you’ll learn all the conventions used in man pages, so you can write better man pages. If you don’t know these rules, it can be hard to read a man page and the documentation will look like it’s full of random punctuation. However, each and every one of those seemingly random characters has a very specific meaning, and you’ll learn all about them in great detail in this book.

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Next, you’ll learn about how command-line options are arranged, and when it makes sense to pay attention to their order of them. Plus, you’ll learn how to combine command-line options in the right way and how to read any Linux, Mac, or Unix command that you see in your text.

As you learned, you’ll look at real man pages and write commands based on what you found on those pages.

You’ll also learn how to write man pages, including what parts, sections, and elements to put in them, as well as the rules for writing them. People who write commands and scripts can use this as a guide if they ever need to write documentation for them, or if they want to.

This is the end of the course. You’ll learn how to get help for commands that don’t have their own man pages.

To sum up: When you finish this course, you’ll be a man page pro.

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