Learn to Shoot in Manual Mode

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The secret to taking perfect photos….

Online Photography Course to quickly and easily learn to shoot in manual mode. Designed with short video lessons and practice exercises so you can learn everything in just 2 days. I will only tell you what you need to get the most out of your reflex camera.

Don’t waste your precious time, effort and money. With the MyFotoAcademy course on Learning to Shoot in Manual Mode you will quickly master the camera and exposure effortlessly.

Whether you are a beginner and do not know anything or if you already dedicate yourself to Photography, master the Manual Mode and you will be able to photograph portraits, landscapes, still lifes, events and more, like a professional.

Why bother learning how to shoot in Manual Mode?

Shooting in Manual not only avoid serious irreparable failures that ruin your photos, but you will learn to master the exposure to have complete control over your camera and tell the story your way.

Plus, you’ll save hundreds of wasted hours retouching in post-production.

If you’ve invested in a camera and a lens, now is the time to make the most of it… why not invest in learning how to use it correctly?

What do I need to do the course?

You only need a reflex camera, no matter the model and brand (with the possibility of using it in manual mode M) and a lens. Optionally a flash is useful. No matter the level of knowledge, we review everything from the beginning.

Instructors: Sandra Mañas Garcia

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