Learn to master DBT data build tool online course

It will show you how to use the DBT data build tool in a simple way. You will learn how the DBT data build tool works and what the main parts are:

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This is how you can set up the DBT data build tool:

  • YAML files are used to set things up.
  • There are many different ways to do this:
  • Materialization.
  • Build tests.
  • Find out about macros, hooks, and jinja, and use them to do things.
  • Use the DBT data build tool.
  • Many more…

Due to the shift from ETL to ELT, the DBT data build tool is a new and exciting tool in modern data manipulation. This is because companies that use MPP databases in the cloud-like Snowflake, Redshift, Bigquery, and others are moving from ETL to ELT.

When I teach the course, I talk about the differences, but only as a general idea.
There is a tool called SQL (DBT data build tool) that we use to do this. First, we load the data to the target, and then we use this tool to change it.

DBT is a tool that helps you plan and control the sequence and control over the SQL – transformations using simple but powerful components.

There is a tool called DBT data builder that will turn your SQL selects into a table or a view and make sure the SQL is executed in a certain order.
In order to use SQL, you don’t need to hire an expert in Python or an expert in an ETL tool.

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