Learn how to use Excel from scratch (for Windows)

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In this course you will learn content corresponding to Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Excel courses. I hope you enjoy it.

At the level of Basic Excel You will learn what Excel is, how it works with books, how it works, how it is managed, how to navigate quickly, how it is presented and how to enter data into a spreadsheet. In addition you will learn how charts are developed, how lists are managed and how a book is prepared for printing.

At the level of Excel Intermediate You will learn the functions, formulas and areas, data auditing in Excel, how to work with workbooks, special pasting and protection.

At the level of advanced Excel We will delve into formulas and areas, we will learn the consolidation, the scheme options, the optimization using Objective Search and Solver, the possible scenarios with the Scenario Manager, the validation, the conditional formatting and the data handling in Excel.

Instructors: Gabriel Flores Rozas

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