Learn coding by Games +useful Mechanics

Welcome to the C# Beginner: You’ll learn how to code through games and examples.

I’ll show you how I learned about C# as I went on a journey through its beautiful kingdom. In order to explore the land, we will make game mechanics from our favourite games like Counter-Strike GO and World of Warcraft. We will also make game mechanics from Grand Theft Auto and Diablo and many more of our favorite games.

We make things like life points, looting, healing potions and items, and many more.

We start our journey at the Bootcamp, where we learn how to install Visual Studio Code and the basics of the.Net SDK (Software Development Kit). We then fight our first battle, loot the Castle of C#, and climb the Mountain of Success to successfully place our flag at the top of it.

As the last thing, we play a game with the mind-reader, Gandolon. All of this also comes with an exercise for graduating and a test!

Who this course is for:

  • As a beginner, you can start developing.
  • The person who makes apps for the desktop.
  • An expert in C#.
  • Developer of a game
  • As a hobby, I make apps.

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