Learn Biopython: Preliminary Step Toward Bioinformatics

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This course gives you an introduction to Python, where we covered the basics of the language, including:

  1. Basic syntax,

  2. Variable types,

  3. Basic operators,

  4. Decision making, and

  5. Loops.

Then to the stage where Python is used to explore biopython codes, and then combine them to perform routine bioinformatics tasks, and that includes:

  1. Searching and obtaining data from NCBI databases through the internet connection,

  2. Dealing with sequence files like reading, writing, and converting,

  3. Dealing with sequences like manipulation and analysis,

  4. Performing pairwise sequence alignment (global and local),

  5. Performing multiple sequence alignment (MSA), and Dealing with MSA and Newick format file, and

  6. Finally, performing BLAST online and offline then parsing the results.

Instructors: Ahmed Karam

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