Learn AKKA Actors with JAVA

AKKA is a free and open-source toolkit made in Scala. Running on JVM because Scala is written for the JVM. It is trying to solve the difficult and complicated problem of making concurrent systems.

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If you want to use this toolkit, it comes with two DSLs: Scala and Java.

During this class, you will learn about how AKKA actors work and how to build concurrent systems with AKKA and the Java language.

AKKA Actors come in two different forms. They do the same thing but in two different ways.

As far as I can tell, AKKA Classical is the library up until version 2.6. It also includes that version.

– AKKA Typed is the other library that comes with 2.5 as a trial and 2.6 as a full one. It comes with both.

In this class, you’ll learn both ways. We will first see AKKA Classical actors, and then we will see AKKA Typed actors, too.

Java knowledge is needed because this course doesn’t teach you how to use Java. It doesn’t have to be at a high level, but you should be able to make simple apps on your own.

There is no need to know about multithreading and concurrent systems. The course gives a brief introduction to concurrency, threads, multithreading, and parallelism.

It will go over how to scale actors for multithreading after the AKKA Actors module is taught. You will learn about all possible routes.

Following the steps for scaling AKKA Actors, you will learn about how AKKA is supervised and how actors live.

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