Laravel Scout and Cashier with projects in Laravel 8

There are two official Laravel packages that you will learn more about in this course.

Using this package, you can talk to the Stripe Payment Processor and do all of your payments-related queries. It will make payments, change them, cancel them, and more.

Laravel Scout: This is a package that helps you work with Algolia. There are many good things about using Algolia, such as its powerful search functions, its ability to give users a quick and easy search experience, its tolerance for typos, and more. Algolia is a great search provider.

Laravel Cashier: This is where you can deposit money. We’ll talk about stripes and how to keep them safe. We will set up an account with Stripe and use the Stripe API to connect our local app to Stripe. 3D secure payment processing comes from Stripe. We will make a form where we can process payments.

Scout: We will talk about how modern search engines work and what they do. We will talk about how indexing works and then we will start a new Laravel 8 project and make a simple CRUD application. We will be able to connect our Algolia application API to our local Laravel 8 application. Also make a server-side search with Laravel and a client-side search with React JS.

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