Interviewing for Better Hiring Decisions

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Selecting the right candidate is a big decision. Most of the time, we know very little about our candidates, when making hiring decisions. After all, what do you know about a person after a conversation of an hour or two?

If you want to get to the right insights from your candidates, so you can take a confident hiring decision, then this course is for you!

The course focuses on a step-by-step process including interview preparation and candidate assessments, that will enable you to gain the right insights from your candidates. Insights that will actually matter as of day 1, when your new hire starts on the job.

We will also cover video interviews which become increasingly popular, for good reasons!

Here is what students have said about this course:

“Obiously this course is very knowledgeable for me. It is fully detailed. Thanks.” H.K.

“The course was very informative. Precisely everything was explained with an example.” D.B.

Now it is your turn! If you want to learn more about this course, enroll now or watch the preview lectures to see what is inside.

Instructors: Hire Bright

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