Corso di HTML da principiante ad intermedio [italiano-2020]

HTML course from beginner to intermediate [Italian-2020]

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  • absolutely none! I will try to bring my pupils to independently create their own projects

Hi my name is Gabriele, and with this course I will try to explain in a simple and immediate way the HTML Markup language.

I will start by explaining in plain terms what it consists of and how it works.
Leaving resources in description to the various videos in case of difficulty.
The course will consist of various stages where you can learn:

What is HTML and how does it work?

The definition and explanation of the various most important HTML tags

Tasks to be carried out and project at the end of the sessions.

I wait for you!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who can spend some time listening and assimilating the simplicity of HTML!


Gabriele Imparato

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