Html Course: Complete Introduction to Html and Html 5

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This course deals with Html from the bases, we will see the fundamental elements such as the DOCTYPE declaration, the Charset attribute, what a code editor is and which one we will use for the course, we will see elements such as ordered and unordered lists, tables, how to make comments and For what occasions it is useful, especially we will see a lot about forms, the types of input or input so that the user can give us as much information as possible, going through the input radio, color picker, datepicker, the select tag, among others Form elements, we will also see the tags recommended by the Html5 standards such as the div, header, main, section, article, nav and footer, we will also see how to make videos and audios in our templates with the attributes that we can use in these tags, Finally we will do two final projects, first a resume and second a blog for a business.

Instructors: Andres Sosa Arevalo

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