How to Start and grow my Career as iOS App Developer?

There are 1.4
active devices that run on iOS. It makes sense for the
business to invest in iOS to capture a slice of this market. The demand is
high, but the supply is low. A lucrative career waits ahead for those looking
to build their career in iOS development. As an iOS developer, when you are just
starting out, you would be interested to know how to pursue a career in iOS App Development, but don’t know
where to start or where to find that information.

This article will tell you the skills and the best
programming languages you need to learn to build your career in iOS App
development. Increasingly more and more companies are adopting a mobile-first
approach. This has increased the demand for iOS developers who build apps for
Apple devices. Due to talent shortages, the salaries have gone up for many in
the field. If you know the necessary programming languages and other skills to
create apps that enterprises and consumers use every day to make their lives
more productive, you have all the reasons to build your career in iOS
app development

This article will help you better understand how to break
into a career in mobile app development. It covers the most important details
and resources. At present IT scenario, Mobile app development is a hot skill.
As a result, more and more people can be seen opting for it. It makes common
sense for most developers to opt for the most in-demand mobile technology to
build their career. Just look at the popularity and demand for Apple’s iPhone,
iPad, and iPod.

You will feel safe to say that a career in iOS Development
is a good bet.

Both experienced as well as entry-level professionals are entering the world of iOS Development. Still, there are immense job opportunities that provide good pay package and even better career growth. According to a survey of mobile app developers by Vision Mobile, iOS is the right technology to spend your time and money on. Let’s try to grasp the things from the beginning.

The prime
responsibilities of an iOS developer

The main job of an iOS developer revolves around building,
testing, and refining applications for mobile devices that use Apple’s iOS
operating system. They are expected to develop in a fashion that is consistent
with the goals and standards of their company or client. The iOS developer is
also expected to possess a strong understanding of iOS and how it works with
different Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. They
should also be able to adapt their applications to their firm’s or client’s

behind the spike in demand for iOS developers

Even though the Android holds more global market share and
is obviously the market leader, Apple leads with 1.4 billion active devices.
All of these devices run on iOS, as a result, the demand for iOS developers who
are well versed and can create apps for these devices has exploded in recent
years. According to a Sensor Tower report, the App Store will reach 5 million
apps by 2020. That’s a massive number. Mobile developers are among the top 10
most in-demand and hardest to fill tech jobs. The US Bureau of Labor and
Statistics predicts that application developer jobs will grow
31% from the present state
by 2026.

of an iOS Developer

Strictly speaking in terms of job role, iOS Developers are
responsible for building intuitive and eye-catching apps for mobile devices
that run on Apple’s iOS operating system. In several ways, iOS Developers
contribute to a brand. A badly designed app can lead to a negative opinion
about the company. Since it takes a team to develop a professional iOS app, the
developers are expected to work in a diverse team comprising of managers,
designers, and other Developers. Here are some of the key responsibilities of
an iOS Developer:

  • They have to design and
    build advanced native iOS apps on the iOS platform
  • Work closely with
    cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features on time.
  • They are responsible for
    unit-tests code for sturdiness, such as edge cases, usability, and functional
    reliability of the iOS app.
  • They have to identify and
    correct issues/bugs
  • iOS developers have to continuously
    discover, evaluate and implement new technologies to increase development
  • Ensure code quality,
    organization, and automatization
  • They have to build
    sophisticated multi-threaded apps.

Tips for
building a career in iOS App development

If you are an aspiring iOS professional who desires to build
a career in iOS development and have little or no experience in programming,
then it can be difficult for you to find a job. Here are some tips to help you
get started:

  • Learn iOS development –
    This is the first step to building your career in iOS development. There are
    numerous online resources and online courses that can assist you in your
    learning from anywhere and anytime and at your own pace.
  • Start making apps right
    away – As soon as your learning begins, you should start building the apps.
    This is the best way to practice what you learned. Develop simple apps and make
    them available for free or at a low cost to the public. This will help you get
    reviews and feedback. You can develop better ones in the future or further
    improve the existing ones. The apps you build will also build the portfolio
    that you can show to your prospective clients.
  • Utilize any opportunity to
    create apps – If you are not getting a big break, you can start working on your
    reputation by developing apps for small organizations at a low cost or even for

needed for iOS development

Here are few but must-have skills that will help you make a
dent in your iOS development career are:

  • You should develop the
    ability to build native, structurally sound software for iOS and Mac OS X
  • Research online and stay
    connected to keep up with current UX/UI trends. You should also keep yourself
    updated on new functionality exposed through Apple’s SDKs.
  • Make the maximum use of
    project management software, version control systems. You should also get
    yourself familiarized with developing automated testing and deployment

To make a career in iOS development, you will also require
the following tools and applications.

  • An Apple computer – This is
    the bare minimum requirement. For the development purpose, an advanced one
    would be better since you will need good speed and memory when you’re
    developing and testing your apps.
  • iPhone /iPad /iPod – As per
    your budget, you should buy one of each since you will need to test your app on
    different iOS platforms. Testing your app on your devices is an obvious logical
    step before you ship it to your client or place it on the store.
  • Become a member of the iOS
    Developer Program – If you want to access all the developer tools made by
    Apple, you need to become a member.

Things you
need to master

  • Objective C – This is the
    language you need to create an iOS app. Having a strong foundation in it is
    absolutely essential.
  • iOS – The are scores of
    frameworks within iOS. There are also tools like adding text and images,
    building views, and handling user interactions that you must know.
  • Swift – Relatively new,
    this is Apple’s programming language for iOS Apps. You should learn the
    fundamentals of programming since that’s the foundation for building apps.
  • XCode – It is the
    development studio which is used for creating Apple-based programs and apps.
    Though it is free to download, yet extremely helpful if you become proficient in
  • Interface Builder – This is
    an awesome tool by Apple that lets you create smart and eye-catching user
    interfaces through drag and drop.
  • Version Control – You
    should learn to use a versioning system for the code is an essential skill for
    any developer.
  • Frameworks – If you are
    familiar with important frameworks, it will make your life as an iOS Developer
    fairly easier. The framework allows you to reuse code written by other
    developers in your apps.

real-world experience

It’s not just about experience, but about gaining real-world
experience. If you want to build your career as an iOS developer, you should
ask yourself what it means to have experience. Gaining real-world experience
means, making lots of mistakes. That’s the only thing you need to do to gain
real-world experience. When you make mistakes you gain insights, and insights
lead to innovation, and thereafter innovation leads to progress.

That’s a reason the difference between a junior and a senior
developer can’t be measured in years. Senior developers get seasoned to make
calculative mistakes and find their way out. This does not mean that you should
start making mistakes, but rather it implies that you should not be afraid of
trying out a new approach where you don’t know the answer.

A senior developer will look at a problem from different
angles, they try out different approaches, and ultimately succeed in coming up
with the best answer or the solution. On the contrary, a junior developer will
merely do what he’s told and will avoid mistakes. A junior developer also needs
constant oversight and guidance. The problem is that there aren’t enough senior
developers to mentor the juniors in the IT industry.


There is an exponential demand for iOS Developers. However,
it is worth noting that the job requires even hotter skills in order to land a
drool-worthy position. If you are considering to build your career in iOS
development, you should be willing to invest your time and energy for growth as
a developer. Time and resources invested in learning iOS development is the
best step forward for a lucrative career in this field.

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