How to Make PowerPoint Speak for You

We’ve all been there before! We show up for an office or class presentation, and the next thing we know, we’ve been jolted awake by someone coughing loudly enough to wake us up.

This is commonly referred to as “Death by PowerPoint.” This reminds me of a proverb that says, “A bad worker blames his equipment.” This is especially true in the case of Microsoft PowerPoint. When used incorrectly, PowerPoint can be a powerful sedative.

This course is intended to demonstrate, among other things, the power of animation in making video clips that properly and engagingly illustrate arguments presented in PowerPoint; a feature of the software that is not frequently understood or exploited.

The course begins with examples of commonly held beliefs before moving on to sample movies built with the tools provided in Microsoft PowerPoint.

With that foundation established, we go on to learn how to create appealing films that can be incorporated into our presentation, eliminating the need for overly verbose “Death by PowerPoint” presentations. After that, we go over a case study that looks at the process of creating a demo clip to show how the process works from start to finish.

The course concludes with tips for how to improve the abilities you learned during the course.

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