How to Escape Your 9-5 Job

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Want to break free, escape your 9-5 and start living a life you love?

Stop googling and figure this out, once and for all!

The path to happiness is living the life you were meant for, the one you truly want and if you aren’t living it now, then you MUST change it.

And you can!

But right now, you’re stuck in corporate hell, desperately googling work from home jobs or how to start a business and getting more and more frustrated every day.

  • You’re feeling like you’re living the same day, every day, not living the life that should have been yours.

  • Worrying about how you’d make money by doing what you want?

  • Fearing the unknown, uncertainty and risk of failure or what people will say

  • And every time you get asked “where do you see yourself in five years time”, all you can think of is “not bloody here”

  • You’re searching for answers and directions,

  • You’re asking yourself – is this it? Is this the life that I was meant to live?

You’re longing for that life, the one that you should be living, doing what you love, making your own money, setting your own schedule, being in charge of your own damn life!

Are you ready to:

  • create the life you were always meant to live and get out of groundhog day for good?

  • know what you want to do and finally feel the calm certainty that you’re on the right path?

  • slay the fears, the doubts, that little voice in your head that asks who are you to believe you can have the life you long for?

  • start the journey to create the simple, joyous life you want?

If you are, then hop on, hold your hat and get ready for a crazy ride!

You’ll have figured out what it is that you want, created that compelling vision of the future, the one you long for but haven’t dared say!

“Dreams come true, that’s what they do.

The only variable is when.

Instructors: Rachel Smets

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