Heat And Mass Transfer – HMT

It’s the most comprehensive and interactive way to learn about the different types of heat exchangers, conduction, convection, radiation, and so on. The goal of the class is to cover all of the topics and concepts of HMT that students need to know for their studies.


The thermal conductivity in gases, heat moves from one place to another a way to think about Fourier’s law The electrical analogy of how heat moves, An area with a certain amount of insulation around it. In a slab and cylinder, heat is made. Fines, unsteady/transient conduction, and change


Forced convection heat exchange A number called “Reynold’s” over a flat surface, there is no movement HBL, TBL, and Forced convection is when air moves through pipes and ducts. Natural convection.

List of heat exchangers, LMTD for parallel and counter flow, NTU, Fouling factor, and how they work


Reflectivity, Transmittivity, and Absorbtivity Radiation heat exchange and the laws of thermal radiation, as well as the shape factor and the radiation heat exchange

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