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If you want to learn to design with a greater degree of complexity, but do not want to pay for Photshop, this course is for you.

You will learn to do a series of creations, editions and manipulations of images from scratch with Pixrl software which is a free and very powerful software.

It has practically all the features of Photoshop but besides being free, it is online. That is, you will not need to download any programs on your computer.

See everything you will learn in this course:

  • All basic functionality of the Pixrl X and Pixrl E versions

  • How to remove backgrounds from images

  • How to insert and change texts, including how to upload new external sources

  • How to create different art for posts, banners and several other sizes

  • Working with layers

  • Working with images of various sizes and features of the tool

  • Various tutorials to follow and reproduce step by step

You will also have access to several free resources selected to make your life easier and make your designs even more incredible.

Instructors: Raquel Furchinetti

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