Fundamentals / Basics of Mathematics through Animated Videos

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The entire Fundamentals of mathematics course is divided into 8 parts. The details of all 8 sections are explained below:

1. Vedic Maths techniques ( To improve your Calculation Speed)

2. Number Theory ( All the things related to numbers and its Classifications)

3. Arithmetic ( This include the Math which we Use in day today life like Percentages, Ratios and Proportions, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Mixtures, Time Speed and Distance etc)

4. Algebra ( When questions are asked in variables like x,y,z etc how to answer them)

5. Geometry ( Here we discuss all concepts of Geometry they are Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles, 3-D Geometry, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Mensuration etc)

6. Logical Analysis ( Here we discuss Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Progressions, Logical Sequencing)

7. Statistics and Data Analysis (Here we discuss Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution, Bar charts, Pie Charts, Venn diagrams etc)

8. Problem Solving Techniques ( This section includes how to eliminate the Answer Choices from Multiple Choice questions without solving them exactly along with Quantitative Comparisons and Data Sufficiency)

In this 8 parts the complete Maths is covered and the complete Course is explained through Whiteboard Animated Videos.

Instructors: Devaki subbalakshmi

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