Full Stack Ecommerce App With React, Redux, Firebase 2021

This front-end JavaScript library is free and open source. It lets you build user interfaces with UI components.

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In 2014, Google bought the platform, and it is now their main tool for making apps.

It gives a lot of the features and modules that an app developer needs as a service, so they don’t have to make them from scratch.

It has everything you need, from a scalable database to powerful analytics libraries. Firebase is not a replacement for backend development. Instead, it is a tool that backend developers and engineers can use to improve the app’s experience without having to write complicated code or think about how the app will work.

Because Firebase is a good place to store your files.

Firebase has a lot of interesting features, like:

  • In real-time.
  • Security is built in.
  • Email and password authentication are used.
  • Static File Host

When it comes to making a mobile app, this is one of the most important things to think about. You have a big advantage in very competitive markets if people can use your apps and new features as soon as they can.

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