[FREE]PHP: Complete Login and Registration System with PHP & MYSQL


PHP Login and Registration system step by step -> One of the skill-set that is a must have for any PHP web developer is the ability to code a secure registration and login system. This course is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills needed to create a registration and login system using PHP and MYSQL Database.

You will not just learn how to write a PHP login and registration script but how to build and secure a PHP web application piece by piece.

Some Main Features:

1. PHP Remember me functionality

2. Secured Password hashing with PHP hash algorithm

3. Custom Functions in PHP (A lot)

4. Deactivate Account in PHP

11. Constantly update mostly based on genuine request from students

After completing this step by step PHP Login and Registration system course, you would have gained some useful and practical skills that will help you in your goal to become a web developer or give you an edge in your current job.

What other students are saying:

“After spending countless hours searching for a course or tutorial and purchasing two other courses that quite frankly were deep
disappointments I am glad I didn’t give up and found this course. Within a few hours I was able to create a basic login system for a website I’m launching for our department. I appreciated the fact that the content had been recently updated. The problem with the other courses and tutorials I viewed previously were using deprecated functions and it took me a while to figure out why things didn’t work! As someone with little to no experience in coding php, the course was easy to understand and follow. I also appreciated the simplicity of the code so troubleshooting was easy to do. I am very happy with this course.” – Rosa Davis

“The course is very well structured and clear to understand and learn.
The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He even
troubleshooted my code. Gladly recommend this course and the instructor.”

Timely Support !

If you ever encounter any problem why taking this course, don’t worry I am always here to help and guide you through.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone interested in understanding how user authentication works in PHP
  • Want to enhance your PHP skill set as a web developer
  • Those who know the basic of PHP and wants practical skills to develop real world application

Who this course is for:

  • PHP and Mysql User login and signup web development
  • PHP & Mysql

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