[FREE] The Complete Chess Endgame Masterclass

Welcome Chesslovers to the complete chess endgame mastersclass. This course is all about analysis and study of chess endgames in a beautiful and funny way. The course is made in easy to learn way and the course is very powerful to implement your own ideas in chess.Complete Chess Endgame Masterclass

In this course you will learn A to Z concepts of chess endgames.I will cover each and every aspects in very clear way so that you will grab the idea very easily.Complete Chess Endgame Masterclass.

Hi I am Mr. Sangam Mukherjee and I love to play chess. For a couple of days I think to share my knowledge with the whole world! And that’s why I choose Udemy. Here I deside to teach Everyone About Playing Chess. 

Chess is originated from India I am am very proud to say that I am an Indian!!!

So if you are interested about please go through the courses what I teach on Udemy!

I love to play chess from my childhood and simply I love it.

this is one of the best end game course i have ever learned … the instructor of this course is really knowledgeable recommending this course to all level of chess playerShow less

We will start from Pawn endgames and discuss Knight, Bishop , Queen, King, Rook endgames one by one in complete details.

So, Let’s Play Some Chess………

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is for all chesslovers who want to improve their chess knowledge.

what you’ll learn

  • You will become master in chess endgame

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