Flutter & Dart: Create mobile apps with native skills

Flutter & Dart: Create mobile apps with native skills

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Welcome to this comprehensive course on building mobile apps with Google Flutter and Dart language.

We’ll explore together the main features of Flutter as well as the fundamentals of creating apps with Flutter so that you can create any type of mobile application.

The big advantage of Flutter is that it is an ultra powerful framework that will allow you to develop your Android & iOS applications from a single project based on the Dart language. Flutter then natively compiles your applications, allowing you to get a native design as well as native performance. Something that you cannot have with Xamarin or Cordova solutions which includes the app in a webview.

We’ll be developing an app from the start to see from A to Z how apps are created with Flutter.

We are going to create a catalog application which will display, after the user has logged in, a list of training courses. The user can then click to view details and read the reviews posted on this training. (We are going to recreate a kind of mini Udemy). As a bonus I will show you how to recover data from a GraphQL API with the setting up of a cache so as to keep the data in memory so that the application can operate even offline.

We will learn how to:

  • Establish a development environment

  • Create a project based on Flutter & Dart

  • Test an application live on our mobile

  • Design modern interfaces

  • Program interactions

  • Create forms

  • Navigate between pages

  • Consume data from a GraphQL API

  • And more !

Don’t wait any longer, join my training and learn how to create modern and fluid applications with Google Flutter and Dart!

Image based on a freepik design.

Instructors: Anthony Cardinale

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