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This course of Excel University It will take you by the hand from the most basic to the most advanced. It is the most comprehensive course on the Internet to learn Excel.

Note: We will continue to add content to the course for at least a few more months, so there is a lot more content that we are going to add.

The agenda of our course includes:

– Introduction to Excel

– What is Excel, how to open it, General Excel Interface and basic configuration

– General Interface

– Quick Access Bar

– Options Bar

– Hide the options bar and show it again

– Menu file

– Books, Sheets, Cells, Columns and Lines:

– Book: Create, Open and Save

– Leaves

– Cells, Columns and Rows

– What is a cell in Excel

– Type of Information that a cell stores

– Text, Numbers, Dates, Formulas and Functions

-Cell format:

– Shortcuts in Excel

– Lists (Ranges)

– Sort by column

– Filter (without converting to table)

– Group (columns or lines)

– Find and replace information

– Freeze panels

– Boards

– Data Segmentation

– Views

– Windows Management (View several files at the same time)

– Graphics

– Graphics Design

– Sparklines

– Illustrations

– Images and illustrations

– Smart Art

– Formulas

– Formula Bar:

– Names of Ranks

– Relative and absolute references

– References between sheets

– References between books

– constants

– Create a constant and use it as data in our formulas

– Types of Operators in Excel

Basic Math Operations in Excel

Operator Precedence or Priority in Excel

– Functions

– concat and concatenate function

– Sum cells without using functions

– Other basic functions:

– count

– average

– min

– max

– Count numbers

– Exercise, calculator with Excel

– Create the operations of Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide,

– Sequence or list autocompletion function

– Search and search function

– Conditional format

– Advanced Tables

– Validate cell with a list of data

– Subtotals function

– Subtotals

– Data Consolidation

– Templates

– Print

– View -> Page Layout -> Header and Footer Page

– Print only part of the sheet

– Print the header on multiple pages

– Dynamic tables

– Summary of information

– Pivot Table Charts

– Power Pivot

– Power View

– Power Map

– Macros and VBA in Excel

– What is VBA

– Macros in Excel

– Real World Projects in Excel

And much more, so we are waiting for you on the other side to become an Excel Expert.


Ing. Ubaldo Acosta

Founder of Global Mentoring

Instructors: Global Mentoring Ing. Ubaldo Acosta

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