Excel for Marketers: 20 Things You Must Know! (Arabic)

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If you are involved in marketing with various functions … and Excel

It does not represent 20% of your time, at least … it remains that way, so you are a lot of the beauty and beauty of true marketing!

– And if you receive data from different authorities in your job, for example

Google Analytics, CRM, Email Campaign results, and Facebook Insights

Or files from different market research companies and files from specialized organizations

And love to group them in one spot, and show them new analyzes and insights

– If you are the owner of a small company … You have customer data and sales, and you don’t know what to do with it and start analyzing it.

▉ In this course within one hour … you will know 20 things you need to know as a marketer

And they will solve all the problems above and more with practical examples from my 10 years of marketing experience.

The 20 countries need you to open the door to excel in your marketing career

Divided into 4 groups:

1- Important equations for marketers that make it easier for you to deal with data and collect it

2- Important needs that you work to clean up the data in preparation for analysis

3- Needs you do to display and analyze data

4- Options to help you as a marketer

Please don’t waste your time more than that, if you now see that Axel does not help you in your work in marketing!

What did you use me for?

Check out the open videos for free and then decide to join you in the course


After the course, I promise you that:

– You will know the most important needs that help you in marketing from the excel program

Easily collect data from various sources

The best way to analyze your data and reach important conclusions in your business

You will deal with Excel differently in your marketing projects

In a nutshell, you will take advantage of Excel that you are consuming a lot of marketing needs that used up your time.

20 Things in Excel you must know, as a Marketer!

Excel for Marketing – Excel for Marketers

Instructors: Taher Abdel-Hameed

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