Excel Course – Formulas, Pivot Tables and Dashboards

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There are three fundamental pillars that you should know about Excel and that all companies today are requesting:

– Formulas and functions

– Dynamic tables

– Dashboards

The course is focused so that you acquire an advanced level in these three elements. For this, it is divided into the following blocks:


In this section we will make the initial presentation of the course and will deal with issues related to the distribution of the classes, why it is so important to know Excel, how you can download the materials, ask questions, etc.

Knowing Excel

We will enter the subject starting from a basic level. Once you finish this section, you will know in depth the Excel interface and you will be able to work with conditional formats, to filter and order the information and to manage the distribution of the data through absolute and relative references.

Formulas and functions

The formulas and functions of Excel will allow us to automate tasks and speed up the achievement of results. We will start from a beginner level and, little by little, we will go deeper in all aspects to finish the section with a high level.

Pivot tables and dashboard.

Pivot tables are the most powerful tool in Excel since, with a series of procedures, we will obtain a very detailed breakdown of the information. In this section we will see in depth how to work with pivot tables and we will create a scorecard or dashboard handy for visually representing data.

Interactive dashboard

As a final project, we will create an authentic interactive dashboard through which we will learn to model the data, customize all types of charts and design authentic professional reports.

Instructors: Daniel Lledó Martínez

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