Essential Mathematics for Game Developers

We’ve made one of the best courses to learn math for game development. A game developer who wants to make a good game needs to learn about a practical pedagogy and a detailed syllabus.

There are a lot of things you’ll learn in this class, from how to calculate vectors to how to rotate. You’ll learn how to rotate characters based on the direction they’re facing without having to use built-in tools. We’ll also learn how to figure out how to get directions from angles, and a lot more. We will even learn how to start making procedural terrain with Perlin noise, so we can make a lot of different kinds of terrain.

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So why not start now? Let’s start learning some basic math today, so you can make games that work better.

Covered: The main topics

Basic math review.

Vectors and points

Euler angles: Quaternions and angles


A ray cast and a reflection.

Noise is used to make textures and terrain.

Physics and mechanics

It’s called “Stealth.”

Why should you do this?

In-game development, math is very important. Even though you can get by without it, it can be very helpful to have some math skills. learn:

  • Vectors and points are two different things.
  • Calculating the rotation of an object based on where a reference object is.
  • How to make a box, sphere, and circle collider and figure out how big they should be based on the object’s dimensions.
  • When the ground moves, you can make an object move in the same way.
  • Make sure you know how to play games and how they work.

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