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When I started in controlling over 15 years ago, I created a lot of Excel templates for various areas. After starting my own business, I wanted to sell Excel templates on my website as well.

I started with 10 Excel templates, but it was too difficult for me to send the Excel template to the customer separately by email. So a solution had to be found that would give the customer access immediately after paying.

During my research, I became aware of Digistore24 and was enthusiastic about everything the system could do from the start.

Today I sell over 200 products with Digistore24!

In this video course you will learn in a very short time how to set up your digital products at Digistore24 and sell them successfully.


  • Basics

  • Create product

  • Create order forms

  • Conversion tools – get more orders

  • Additional functions

Instructors: Kristoffer Ditz

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