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If you want to study SEO and get the most up-to-date information in 2020, you are the right course. With 0 to advanced SEO training, you will be able to reach the experience you want in a very short time.

Do you know that the internet sector is developing day by day and you want to take part in this development and this update? You love website work, but can’t you bring your projects to the point you want? The main reason for this is the lack of experience and knowledge. Although the lack of experience goes over time, the lack of information may not always close. For this reason, you should take advantage of a lot of resources and get up-to-date while getting information about SEO.

You have opened a website but you cannot see your own website in search engines (Google, Yandex…) or you can not come to the places you want. Search Engine Optimization uses a number of algorithms to fulfill users’ requests, and if you can keep up with these algorithms of search engines, it helps you to get to the places you want easily. In addition to acquiring new information with this subject, which is comprehensive, challenging and important to keep up with the current, you will be able to be more successful on your websites.

Since the course is verbal, you will need to take a paper and take notes on this paper and look through these notes from time to time. Otherwise, information will fly in a short time with just listening.

Our course, which has a total of 40 lessons, will continue to update itself and provide unique information every day. I am innovating every day about content and edits. Lessons to be added in the near future: (Subjects are added according to your wishes. Enjoy the course 🙂 News will be transmitted in the fastest way with notifications and we will make you good with campaigns)

  • Optimization with Plugins (many more lessons for Site Acceleration section)

  • Black Hat SEO

  • White Hat SEO

  • Using Search Console

  • Anchor Text

  • Contribution of SSL Certificate to Seo

  • Long Tail Keywords (Long Tail) (For strategy and analysis section…)

  • Database Optimization (many more lessons for Site Acceleration section)

  • How to redirect 301?

  • Ranking Tracking Tools and 50% Discount Opportunity for Course Students (For Strategy and analysis section…)

Instructors: Gürkan Aksoy

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