End to End Automation using Python

— Recent Updates —

Oct 2021: Updated Python videos with improved Sound Quality.

Dec 2020:  Added videos for Web Scrapping.

Jun 2020: Added Videos for API Response Validation.

This is an end-to-end course to Utilize Python for automating our daily Manual Tasks and Application.


  • This course requires the installation of Python and other tools libraries.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Python, such as condition handling, looping, and string handling.
  • Data Types That Are Common (List, Tuple, Dictionary).
  • What is the best way to work with classes and functions?
  • File Handling, Excel Handling, and Exception Handling are advanced Python concepts.
  • Inheritance and Overriding in OOPS Programming
  • Working with a CSV file and handling JSON.
  • Here, we’ll write code that adheres to all industry standards and best practices.
  • Various practice exercises and quizzes are used to assess our understanding on a regular basis.
  • When needed, assist with Q&A support.
  • Make use of as many useful Python packages and libraries as possible.

Project Coverage in Real Time:

1st Project:

– web scraping: navigate to several pages on a website, collect data, and save it for further analysis

2nd Project:

– API Testing: This is the most significant topic since REST API Testing is in high demand; we will learn how to do API Testing with Python programming.

3rd Project:

– Web Automation Fundamentals: As we all know, web applications can be automated. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to automate web apps using Selenium and Python.

4th Project:

– Test Data Generation: This is a test data generation tool that we will create for manual testing.

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