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Your establishment’s online reputation refers to all the information that a customer can find about you on the Internet.

All publications on social networks, booking partner sites, review sites, etc. are concerned. Combined, these sources of information shape your online reputation, that is, the opinion of a customer of your establishment.


This guide is designed to help establishments that are starting to manage their online reputation. It is based on four key principles:

  1. Influence the discussion. You have no control over what people say about your business, but you can influence them by actively managing your online reputation.

  2. Set realistic expectations. Your online reputation must set realistic expectations, which you can then surpass to satisfy customers.

  3. Optimize your efforts. Develop a clear strategy and set specific goals to target your efforts and optimize your return on investment.

  4. It is never too late to start. By following a suitable plan and devoting only a few minutes a day, everyone can manage the online reputation of their establishment.

The Complete 2020 Guide to E-reputation Management on TripAdvisor


At the end of this course, if you follow it in full and pass all the quizzes: obtain your electronic certification to be inserted in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

(Last update of training 04/04/2020)

Instructors: Dr. Firas | Europe Innovation

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