DevOps E-degree

DevOps E-degree

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Why This E-Degree

This e-degree will help you master various aspects of software development like operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated building,testing and deployment. DevOps skills are in-demand, and the following online resources will help you become an expert.

  • 6 modules to cover the latest technologies
  • 275+ high-quality lectures
  • 5 projects for hands-on experience
  • Exam and quizzes to measure your progress
  • Certificate upon completion of the e-degree
  • Support for interview preparation
  • Expert-verified responses to ensure quality learning
  • Lifetime access to the e-degree
  • Best of global instructors
  • Free Lifetime Update

What you’ll learn

Learning DevOps will enable you to build a culture of collaboration between teams functioning in relative siloes, increasing efficiency and innovation

Some key technologies you will learn are:

  • Linux
    It is the most widely used open-source operating system
  • Python, Bash, and Ruby
    They are essential scripting languages
  • Ansible
    It is an open-source IT automation system
  • Chef
    A tool for speedy application delivery
  • Git
    A tool used for source code management
  • Vagrant and Puppet
    They are DevOps system management tools
  • Kubernetes
    A tool for automating deployment of apps
  • Docker
    It is a tool to manage software parts
  • DevOps cloud engineering
    This method uses cloud computing paradigm to bring agility to development

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